Monday, October 18, 2010

Adam Carolla is an Ass.Hole.

I opened the November issue of Playboy magazine and read an article called "We've built a Minimum-Wage Gilded Cage", by Adam Carolla.
The article seems to be an excerpt from his book.
I'm not going to judge Playboy for having published this article, since they're a business and they do it for the money.
But what is Carolla thinking? Does he imagine himself as some sort of a superhero fighting the Villain who is an underpaid and overworked miserable anonymous worker? What kind of crime is Carolla fighting and what powers does he have? Knocking over poor people and cruely reminding them that they should consider themselves lucky to have a job? Is he seriously bashing the underdog? Is he serious when he calls the U.S. Communist? Cause his article is not even remotely funny. Oh, but I forgot: Carolla lacks the humor, he replaced it with the decibels.
This dude takes 2 pages complete with caricatures, to explain how the minimum wage people are Nazies, in the way of his VIPness. He calls them "10 cent an hour people" and wonders how dare they do their job and not roll the red carpet the minute he arrives some place, making him waste precious time he could otherwise spend being a douchebag. What are you going to do next, Adam? Punch a homeless guy in the face because he stinks up the air you breathe? Or save the world like a true super hero; only in your case, you'll take the "10 cent an hour people" (which is the majority of the world population) and arrange them like Dominoes. Kick the first one in the face and laugh when they all fall just like Dominoes. Then plant your superhero flag in their butts and proclaim that territory yours, cause you're edgy like that.
As for the book you wrote, can you even spell? Or did you simply paste your name on yet another ghost writer's work, to follow today's trend of illiterate overrated, talentless "stars"?
Not all of us have laminated VIP passes, Adam. Most of us must work long hours in jobs we hate, so that we can merely put food on our tables. Excuse us if we're a little frustrated and we ruin your day with our pissy attitude. Excuse us, if we don't take time to recognize your douchebagginess as VIP and risk our already meager jobs, in order to accomodate your immediate VIP needs. Did it ever occur to you that people simply don't like you and that would be why they refuse to serve you?
Your headline is: "Being underpaid shouldn't be an invitation to be an asshole". Allow me to disagree. Being poor is a perfect excuse to be an asshole to those like you, who are overpaid for no reason at all. Excuse us if our being underpaid is ruining your mood. We didn't mean to upset your Royal Assholeness, with our poor, depressed and ugly faces.
I would stop reading Playboy, but the magazine redeemed itself a few pages later in the same Novemnber issue, by publishing a very interesting interview with Zach Galifianakis.

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